Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds are very versatile allowing you to control shade, light and thermal energy by means of a tilt control or drawing the blinds back away from the window.

They are suitable for most rooms in the home.

They can be a cost effective way to furnish all the windows in your home and conservatory.

Verticals can be mounted onto curved tracks and slopping tracks for e.g. bays and conservatories. Tracks are available in white or brown to suit your window colour or decor.

There are many features, options and accessories which we offer for vertical blinds, here are some of them:

  • There are hundreds of fabric colours and patterns available.
  • The fabric slats come in two widths (89mm 3.5") and (127mm 5") the 89mm takes up less windowsill space but obscures the window more when drawn back. Over recent years the 89mm has proven to be more popular.
  • The fabrics are mainly made from polyester (very durable and attractive) or combination fabrics such as polyester and acrylic or polyester and cotton to name a few.
  • The fabrics can be seam stitched or welded, welded being ideal for coloured and black out fabrics.
  • There are several options for solar and optical control including dim out, black out, solar protective coated and sheer design.
  • There are several child safety options we offer including control chain and chord tidies and mono control rods.
  • They can be split draw (parting from the centre) draw to the left or right with controls available as left or right with luxury equal spacing tracks available at a minimal extra charge.
  • The tilt mechanism can be motorised for remote control.

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